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WinWin – Rob (NYC)

I transferred all my programs and settings from my previous Windows 7 laptop to a new laptop that came with Windows 8, worked great, took 3.5 hours. Nice job! Rob, NYC.

Annpatricia Hughes (St. Antoine, France)

Thanks to unstinting help the brilliant team at Zinstall they migrated to a new home when my old computer lost the will to live.

Noah Miller Jr. (Chicago, IL)

Thank you for your help. I have been able to complete the transfer from old to new PC. I was very impressed with what a good job your program did.

Carlyle King (NYC)

I can not believe how well WinWin worked… It took over 36 hours (I used a slow (by today’s standards) wireless connection), but well worth the time… It moved years of fine-turning / configurations exactly as it was on the old machine onto the new one.

Deborah P. Barlow (Crestview, FL)

I purchased this software and all I can say is this is the best file and program transfer software I’ve ever used.

John Lockley (UK)

I have found Zinstall a very useful aid to the changeover, and express my thanks for your assistance.

Philip Tesler,CPA (Sherman Oaks,CA)

I migrated my old Win 7 computer to a new Win 7 64bit last weekend. I was absolutely amazed at how well your program worked. I had very, very little to do other than change a few minor program settings. But other than that, every program ran as if it were still on the old computer.

Vicky Rowe (Youngsville,NC)

Just wanted to say ‘WOW’! I purchased WinWin to move from old Win 7 laptop to a new Win 7 laptop: 600GB of data, over 150 programs. The process was incredibly smooth… Kudos on a fabulous product: saved me days of messing about – well worth the investment.

Kevin S. MacLean (ON, Canada)

thank you very much for a great job on migrating our servers. You guys always impress me with your knowledge and professionalism.

Bob Hoffmann, IT consultant (Trail Sparta, NJ)

Yes, David, your team did a good job for us (server migration), and everything worked well.


Michael Lynne (Omaha, NE)

My old computer had over 250 GByte of irreplaceable programs, financial records, e-mails, address book, photographs, e-books, specific settings for browsers, bookmarks, etc. Zinstall chugged away for over 5 hours – it all worked perfectly, exactly as promised

Justin de Vally (UK)

Just to say thank you for the work you carried out over the weekend migrating our server – It is looking good.

Herb Hickman, 30+ year solo computerist

I thank you for your excellent products that you’ve added to computering.

Rob Hehlen (Prescott, AZ)

I installed you program a couple of years ago and it was GREAT!

Bill Little (Bensalem, PA)

Thank you for your product; it has saved me hours of work. Using XP7 has allowed me to use my old software as i slowly upgrade my new computer’s software… I added you to my list of highly recommended software companies.

Ken Bayer (Houston,TX)

Everything went well! It’s so exciting to see the new computer restart and then magically power up with your old familiar desktop and everything from the old computer in place! I’m so glad we found your service – especially when my computer friends and IT gurus say that “you can only transfer pics and docs – not programs…”.

Franco Taxiera (St. Golden, CO)

Hi please disregard my last email to you requesting a refund. I got everything to work perfectly. I was doing something wrong and it made me cranky. Everything transferred so I’m happy!

H. McCargo, MIT Computer Expert (Glassboro, NJ)

Thank you!! The product worked perfectly!!! It saved me hours of work!!

Frieda Flint (Corvallis, OR)

Win-Win worked well, with minimum hassle afterwards…so far anyway. Had to verify ownership of my 2003 and 2007 MS Office products & work w/HP to fix software conflicts w/printer, but seem to be OK now. Thanks for a good product.

Little Steven (Bensalem, PA)

Let me tell you how great your product is. I was very impressed at how well the migration went (old PC was XP Home to new PC which is Win 7 Home 64bit).

Lawrence W. Libman, (Quebec, CA)

Everything seems to be working fine now and I really want to thank you… With the support you gave me and the time you spent fixing this problem it will be my pleasure to recommend Zinstall and its backup support team.

Dennis Ambler (New Quay, UK)

Successful operation. Congratulations on an excellent program.

Linda Williams (Ferrum, VA)

OK, I finally installed WinWin. One word: WOW! It worked great. No wonder it’s expensive.

Phil Sexauer (Avondale, AZ)

I am now finally emailing you on my new computer, thanks to you and Zinstall! I’d never have been able to get the job done…

John Brew (LA, CA)

Thanks for that session: Mathcad 11 now works. Also my ‘Music Works’ – very old and no longer marketed – also started working after whatever you did. Well done Zinstall Support!

David Dunsmuir (Victoria, Australia)

I ran XP7 it on old and new computers and it successfully transferred everything on my C & D drives to my new computer – in fact this email is coming from my MS Outlook as part of my old XP7 desktop, so certainly this works. Thanks and regards for a great product!

Sanford E. Sanford (San Diego, CA)

I have full access to my 6,000 plus files that were almost lose when my old computer died. I have to compliment Zinstall on the software I purchased. HOWEVER!!!! the real success was your support guy. He was super efficient and first class on the phone. My compliments on a first class technician and human being.

Ed Bernasconi (France)

Congratulations are due for a formidable piece of software. I have found practically everything in Win7/64 that I had on Vista/32. I will not hesitate to recommend your software to anybody I know in the same situation I was in.

Mike Werner (Oaks Ranch,TX)

I have tried other PC transfer tools, but none have worked as well as yours. I transferred a Windows 7 32bit to a Windows 7 64 bit and everything worked immediately. Great product…easy to use and worth every cent!!!

James Altman (NSW, Australia)

Laptop came with Win 7. I need to refer to not-so-recent emails. What are the options? Re-format hard drive under Win 7 and re-install XP? Not for me! Solution? Zinstall. It takes a while to set up, but once it’s done, it’s brilliant. Zinstall team – you have a great product!

Robert Sayegh (Fair Lawn, NJ)

I chose Zinstall because, over the years, I had accumulated a variety of programs which I could not recover or transfer in any other way. Now I have assurance that my valuable programs are still available on my new computer.

Terrance Casey (Hamilton, OH)

Just want to again thank all at Zinstall – I don’t know where I be with out you!
Terrance Casey

Alec Cruickshank (Alstonville, NSW, Australia)

It all worked!! I now have my old laptop working on my new computer. What a great program – thanks so much for your support. Most of the programs checked so far are operating OK.

Vlad Belina (Slovenia)

After restarting my Win7 laptop… with Zinstall on it… I found a BIG surprise… my OLD XP desktop… WAS THERE… okay, you are miracle workers!!!

John Cotter (Ireland)

What a great product Zinstall is. Your customer service was exceptional – you really back your product! For business people, Zinstall is an essential program for the “tool bag”.

Donald Johnson (Oakland, CA)

Your team was GREAT at support!!!

B. E. (.gov, Ottawa, Canada)

Promise of the “single click transfer” of my old XP to new Win7. Frankly, I doubted this was possible. I’ve been working with Windows PCs since Windows was a beta product, and I just couldn’t see how it could be done. Long story short: Zinstall worked exactly as advertised.

L. D. (Federal Reserve, Washington D.C.)

What was holding me back from getting a new computer: the fear of losing the stuff on the old computer, if I tried to transfer it myself. Zinstall is working flawlessly – I wouldn’t hesitate to give your product my highest recommendation. Thanks again for all you’ve done.

J. S. (Penn State University, PA)

I want to thank all of you for the help today. Not only did you resolve the immediate problem, but whatever you did has made switching between the two desktops almost instantaneous. Many, many thanks.

Pete & Eileen Gottschalk

I just want to take a moment to thank you for the extraordinary support you provided in helping me transfer my old computer into the new one. I have never seen anyone come close to the level of customer service you provide

Lee Bunyard (Silicon Valley, CA)

Just recently upgraded to Win7 on my old laptop running XP and altho there were some problems caused primarily by the lack of sufficient HD capacity and less-than-ideal amount of physical RAM on the laptop, the Zinstall Tech Support had been top notch and had stuck with me and assisted me all the way to finally getting the conversion to work perfectly.

Jim Frost (Clarence, NY)

Thank you for your product!!
We just bought a new laptop, Windows 7, moved an XP system over and its up and running.

Duncan MacLachlan (Three Villages Hall, UK)

Just completed a trouble free transfer and now have all my old faithfuls up and running on my new PC – great stuff, thank you all. DMacL

Evelyn Zaczek (Kingsgrove, Australia)

Your product comes across as absolutely awesome in its capabilities. I will certainly be letting my colleagues know of the product and encourage them to purchase it.

Judy Seelig (La Crescenta, CA)

Thanks for your excellent support!
Judy Seelig, a very satisfied user

Al Cain (Saint Louis, MO)

Thanks very much – Zinstall is my best choice.

Martin Sprenz (Knoxville, TN)

Honestly I was not going to purchase your product and I thought sure I would get a reply to my questions. But you have changed my mind. I will be purchasing the product either this week.

Paul Rubesky (Mokena, IL)

That worked!!!!!!! Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Bruce King, Systems Engineer

I must say that it was a pleasure to watch you work – such a terrific support experience!

David Skinner (Ontario,CA)

My sincere thanks to ZInstall support team. You have an excellent customer support service and a great product.

David Skinner

Brent Eades (Ontario, CA)

Zinstall continues to work great. I had a developer friend over here today, and he was quite amazed to see me click “Old desktop” and then be able to run all my apps, copy files back and forth, etc.

Janet Moore (Cedar Park ,TX)

I read many reviews of Zinstall and its competitors before deciding to buy Zinstall and I’m very glad I did. The only criticism I read in the reviews of Zinstall was the price, but for me it was the best $$$ I’ve spent. The price I paid is nothing compared to the value of the time saved.

Marc Leslie (London, UK)

Thank you so much for your help and for this program. You guys are AWESOME!!

Stuart Brownlee (US)

it all worked liked a dream – great product and I have now migrated to new PC successfully.

Best regards,
Stuart Brownlee.

Carolanne Cocchi (Miami Shores, FL)

Your product is excellent and does everything it is meant to do.

Les Bishop, Raleigh, NC

Zinstall did exactly what it said it would do and within a short period of time I was using my new Dell and except for the wonderful new performance upgrades I would think I’m still on my old over-the-hill machine. Thanks for developing such a wonderful product to help make these dreaded migrations a lot easier to perform.

Walter E. Keener (Tucson, AZ)

Thanks for excellent product. Had no problem transfer to my new computer.
Walter E. Keener

Luc De Ridder – Belgium

This software and this company I can recommend to everybody that is in the need to install a new PC. Perfect in one word! Luc De Ridder-Belgium

Dan G. Olson, Sturgeon Bay, WI

I found Zinstall to be fantastic. Though it too about 30 hours to complete the migration I was flabbergasted to find my new computer precisely as the old one. ALL the programs work … and it even transferred passwords. Thank you for an incredible program!