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Zinstall vs USMT

Microsoft User State Migration Tool (USMT) is a free Microsoft tool that covers many common migration scenarios. If your organization has enough resources to spare, does not mind spending a few month on building a proper USMT transition environment, and the transfers needed are non-personalized and standardized, USMT will probably do the job.

If so, when is Zinstall more applicable?

  • When you do not have the resources or time to spend several month on preparation, development and training
  • When you prefer your tool to be simple to use, even by less-qualified operators
  • When you need to transfer personalized, diverse workstations
  • When some transfers are cross-Windows version (i.e., Windows 10 to Windows 11 or Windows 7 to Windows 10), cross-hardware make and model (i.e., HP to Dell)
  • When you need a tool that is both automatic and highly-configurable when needed

Here is what you gain with Zinstall:

  • Usable immediately, out of the box – no deployment, scripting, training required
  • Portable, remotely executable, centrally executable, including command-line interface
  • Fully automatic by default, yet fully configurable – allows to exclude/include specific applications, folders, files, profiles, even registry entries
  • Transfers it all: files, profiles, settings, personalization, even applications
  • Supports program-less transfer – if you have your application image set, and are looking for a a way to transfer all personalization for each user
  • Supports various migration scenarios: over the network, from a hard drive, via shared storage, via external storage, in-place upgrades
  • Allows migration to VDI, to Cloud, P2V, V2V and V2P
  • Made for IT tech use – used by service providers, PC techs, OEMs, and many, many businesses worldwide
  • Flexible licensing and activation structure

If your project is complex enough to make you think of USMT, you can probably get it done faster, cheaper and more efficiently using Zinstall.

You can also check out the user guide for more scenarios and options.

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