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100% Migration Guaranteed

When you purchase a Zinstall product covered by our “100% Migration Guaranteed” guarantee, you can be sure technical problems will not stop your migration process from completing successfully.

We believe that knowing there is someone to count on during a delicate process such as migration is crucial.

Whether you encounter any technical problems during the migration process, need guidance during the process or just have any questions – our Support Team will be there to help and assist you along the way.

If you encounter a technical problem which cannot be solved immediately, Zinstall Support Team will send you the necessary diagnostic utilities to diagnose the situation and provide a timely resolution.

In some cases, Zinstall Support Team will even offer you to perform an online Remote Support session to resolve the problem quickly and completely by having an expert technician connect to your actual computer and work on fixing the issue.

Finally, if Zinstall Support Team cannot resolve the technical problem which prevents your migration process from completing successfully – you will receive a full refund of your entire payment.

For more details, information and definitions, read the Term and Conditions.